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June 2024 | What's new with Docyt?

From enhancing Docyt’s in-product capabilities to new integration announcements, this month's product updates have everything you need to keep your finances in check.

Compliance Policy | New Rules & Restrictions Invoice Approvals 🛂

We've made some improvements to your AP workflow to add more control. Now, you can set up extra rules and restrictions for users who upload invoices. Designate a different user as the invoice "Approver," or set up a specific rule for automatic approval based on invoice amounts or types, ensuring no self-approved expenses slip through. Learn More

Set Up Email Notifications for Financial Insights  📩

You can easily set up email alerts for any financial report. Schedule these emails to be sent daily, weekly, or even monthly. You can also schedule email notifications for any KPI dashboard view, whether to yourself or someone else on your team. Learn More


View Total Report Summaries Without Diving into all the Details  📕

Did you know there's a collapsed report view option for business reports? This reporting enhancement lets you switch between viewing totals or every line item, making it simpler for those who prefer focusing on the big picture without diving into details. Explore More Business Reporting Features 



Download Consolidated Reports with Multi-Month Selection 📉

The 'Consolidated Report Download' feature allows you to download multiple reports spanning multiple months or a specific date range. This applies to both Single Business Reports and Portfolio Reports. Learn More


Enhanced Permissions for Categorization Access ✅

The new 'Categorization Access Control' feature allows business admins to enforce stricter controls on who can view or edit the 'Categorization' option within the Banking Accounts, Accounts Payable, and Receipt Box modules. This enhancement protects sensitive data, such as specific Charts of Accounts (COAs) related to Employee Reimbursements or Bonuses, maintaining employee confidentiality. Administrators can easily manage categorization access permissions for any user through the general settings. Learn More


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