July 2023

What’s new in Docyt: July 2023

 the "Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard" is live 🔥
We've been listening, refining, and perfecting.

Docyt is excited to announce the launch of our Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard. 🚀

Carefully designed with our customers in mind, this new feature helps you get a firm grip on your business performance with easy-to-understand visuals of your data and real-time updates. Eager to learn more? See below...

1. Make faster and better-informed decisions
Now you can see the metrics that matter to your business, all in one place. Easily get the big picture so you can steer your business in the right direction. Now you can make sense of information with easy-to-understand visuals of your KPIs that are unique to your industry.

2. Create multiple dashboards and share them with as many people as you’d like
Want to bring more transparency across the business, but want to have strict controls over sharing specific metrics that matter most to different levels of stakeholders? No problem! You have the ability to create custom dashboard views like a ‘Manager View’ excluding metrics other metrics like Net Profit, Revenue, and whatever you decide isn’t applicable. 


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3. Always have access to live metrics 

Our live insights dashboard is powered by real-time accounting through Docyt's AI. This feature guides you toward more profitable decisions and strategies by serving as your financial compass. The metrics that you are seeing are always up-to-date so you can make decisions on the fly with confidence. 

KPI Dashboard UPS Store (1)

4.  Access relevant KPIs specific to your industry. 

  • If you're The UPS Store® owner, you'll be able to see KPI metrics like metered mail margin, average mailbox revenue, and so much more...
  • Let's say you're a hotel owner in the hospitality industry; you can see your cost per occupied room, RevPar, ADR, and occupancy percentage...
  • Have a Quick Service Restaurant business? You have full visibility into your cost metrics like food, labor, 'paper' cost, and more relevant to your industry..."
  • And that's not all. We offer industry-specific KPIs to numerous industries.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? 😉

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Why does the "Real-Time Financial Insights Dashboard" matter to you?

💡 You get real-time and meaningful insights into your business’ performance, enabling you to accelerate profitability

📤 You can share the dashboard with key stakeholders and foster a data-driven culture throughout your organization.
⏰ You'll save time by eliminating the need to gather information from multiple reports and sources. Avoid getting overwhelmed by the granular details in your reports.
👩‍💼👨‍💼 Effortlessly customize your dashboards to cater to specific individuals or roles. Create specific manager views and more!

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