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Viewing Archived Accounts in Bank Feed Verification

How it Works

When you archive an account, it will continue to appear in the "Bank Statements - Reviewed" section until its respective archived date. Beyond this date, the account will no longer appear in the "Bank Statements - Reviewed" section for future years as it is no longer active.

This will be very useful during bank feed verification for a specific year, as you would still have visibility of the archived account and its transactions for that year.

Changes to Account Info Card

We have added the 'Archived Date' field to the Account Info Card under Banking Accounts. This will provide you with an easy reference to see when an account was archived.

Upload Restrictions

To prevent errors, the system will not allow you to upload statements for an account after it has been archived. If you attempt to do so, you will see the following error message:

"Cannot Upload for Archived Account"

This message indicates that archived accounts cannot receive statement uploads after the archived date.