Vendor Credits

Verifying a Vendor Credit

It's important to log vendor credits correctly in your Docyt system. This ensures accurate financial records. You can upload, email or use the Docyt app to send the vendor credit document to your invoice queue. Once the vendor credit document is in your invoice queue, you'll need to verify it. 


  1. Access Docyt through the web app by logging into
  2. Click on 'Expense Management' in the top header menu. From the dropdown, opt for 'Accounts Payable'. Then, tap on 'Invoice Queue' to view all your invoices.
  3. Identify the vendor credit that requires verification. Click on it.
    select credit
  4. When you open the vendor credit, you will see the 'Data' section on the right and the invoice on the left. In the 'Data' section, you can review and verify the information extracted by the AI.
    vendor credit - verify data

    1. To indicate a vendor credit in the amount field, enter a minus symbol (-) before the dollar amount. This will help Docyt recognize and categorize the credit accurately.
      - minus for credit
  5. To save the information, click the blue button labeled "Mark as Verified - Review Next."
    mark as verified
  6. The vendor credit will now be indicated as "ready for credit" in your invoice queue.
    Ready for Credit
  7. To learn more about applying vendor credit to an invoice, please click here for detailed instructions.