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How to Enable Tracking of Use Tax in Vendor Profile and Download Report in Docyt

1. To access your vendors in Docyt, log into your account. Once logged in, navigate to the 'Expense Management' menu and select 'Accounts Payable'. Click 'My Vendors' to view and manage your vendor information from there.

2. Click on the vendor name on the 'My Vendors' page to access and edit their profile for 'Use Tax Tracking'.

3. To edit the vendor profile, click the ellipsis icon (three dots) on the vendor profile page and choose the option 'Edit Vendor Profile'.

4. On the 'Edit Payee/Merchant' page, select the 'Track Vendor for Use Taxes' checkbox and click the 'Save Payer' button.

5. You will see a notification confirming the successful completion of the task.

6. Once you enable tracking Use Tax for a vendor, a checkbox labeled 'Use Taxes' will appear in the invoice data window of that vendor in the 'Invoice Queue' during the invoice verification process. You can checkmark the 'Use Taxes' checkbox if the invoice includes a Use Tax.

7. To download the invoice details enabled for Use Tax, click on the gear icon and choose 'Data Export'.

8. Click the blue plus icon to create a new data export request.


9. A dialog box will appear, showing the details that must be filled out. Choose 'Invoices (Excel)' as the Export Type from the dropdown menu. Select the business name from the dropdown menu and specify the desired date range. Finally, click on the 'Export Data' button.

10. After a few minutes, the 'Data Export' window will display an Excel file ready for download. Download the file, and you'll find a column labeled 'Use Taxes'. This column will mark the status as 'Yes' for invoices being tracked for Use Tax. Refer to the figure below for a visual representation of this.