Utilizing the Global Search Textbox for Filtering by Business, Vendor, Account, Date, Amount, description and Document Categories

  1. To access your Docyt Account, log in using your credentials.
  2. Locate the search text box at the top row of the page.
    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 12.28.48 PM
  3. You can search for specific information by entering Business, Vendor, Account, Date, Amount, description and Document Categories.
    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 12.31.03 PM
  4. The "All" dropdown  consists of seven categories, where you can select a specific category and will find history of specific category. If you click on "All", by default you will get a list of all history for all businesses that you have access to.Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 2.50.55 PM
    If you select any one category from the lists, you would be able to view the history of documents/transactions for all businesses related to the selected category as shown in the image below. If you select any one category, you will be able to view four different filters as demonstrated in the image below.Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 4.31.36 PM
  5.  The four filters are: 
    Filter by Business

    The search system will display all documents associated with the specific business you've selected. You also have the option to choose multiple businesses to view documents related to those selected entities.

    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 4.45.09 PM


    Filter by Status

    You can view the filter results based on the status of the documents, which include:

    • Processing
    • Verifying
    • Verified

    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 4.43.02 PM


    Filter by Date

    You have the option to apply a filter to the date, allowing you to access historical data corresponding to the selected date.

    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 4.48.38 PM


    Filter by Amount

    Here, you can review transaction history by specifying an exact amount or by defining a range. You have two options to choose from, namely:

    • Filter by Exact amount
    • Filter by Range

    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 4.52.08 PM


    Note: Clicking on "Clear Filters" will remove all four selected filters, and you to view a list of history items according to the selected category "All".
  6. If you have control access to receipts in Docyt's "Settings," you can view the history of receipt documents/transactions in the global search are by selecting the receipts category under the "All" option. For Example: If you're not allowed to upload or approve receipts for a specific business in the access control settings, you won't see the history of receipts for that business in the global search. But if you do have upload or approval access, you can view the receipt history. Similarly, this applies to other categories within the "All" option.
  7. You can retrieve document/transaction details by clicking on any document that appears in the search results. Clicking on the document will open a new window where you can view all details pertaining to the document, based on your access control settings for that document type.
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  8. When you type anything into the Global search, you'll see results based on the entered text, as demonstrated below. For Example: Type "Travel", you will find lists of transactions/documents for "Travel category". You can type Name, Transaction, business name etc.
    Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 6.17.05 PM
    View Control: 

    You can view all documents or transactions within the selected category by clicking "View All" at the bottom of the global search results. This will open a window as full view page similar to the one shown below.

Screenshot 1946-02-30 at 6.23.48 PMYou can click on each tab: receipts, invoices, transactions, expense reports, revenue reports, bank statements, and month-end documents—to see all documents and transactions according to your search preferences.