The UPS Store®

Handling The UPS Store® Customer Claims with Docyt

Easily manage UPS Store® customer claims with Docyt. Our guide simplifies the refund and reimbursement process for efficient claims handling

As a UPS Store® owner, when a customer files a refund claim for a shipping service you've provided, you initially refund the customer. Then, you get reimbursed for the claim by The UPS Store® insurance. To streamline these claim payments using Docyt, follow these steps:

This feature is available with select Docyt plans. Not included in the Starter Plan.

  1. Upload Customer Claims Document: When a claim is initiated, you have two options to upload the customer claims document into Docyt:

    1. Direct Upload: Navigate to the Accounts Payable section in Docyt and directly upload the document.

    2. Email Submission: Send the document to your unique Accounts Payable email ID provided by Docyt.

  2. Categorize the Document: Ensure that the document is categorized as "UPS Claims Payable". Proper categorization is crucial for accurate record-keeping. Rest assured, your Docyt Account Manager will assist with this task.
  3. Reimburse the Customer: Issue payment to the customer via a Docyt check.
  4. Process the Reimbursement Check: Upon receiving the reimbursement check from UPS Corporate, snap a photo of the check and upload it into the Business Mailroom in Docyt.
  5. With Docyt, managing customer claims can become an efficient and reliable process, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most - running your UPS Store®.


Pro Tip:

If you need to withdraw a non-expense check, send an email to your Business mailroom. Here's an example of how you can phrase these emails:

"I have processed a payroll check for $560.88 on 12/6/2021. The check number is 4321."

"Samantha has made an Owner's withdrawal for $5000.00 on 12/10/2021. The check number is 4567."