Managing User Roles in Business Reports and Metrics

 Learn about the different roles and permissions available for Business Reports and Metrics in Docyt. Business Reports and Metrics provide valuable insights for data analysis and decision-making. Docyt offers distinct roles with varying access levels to ensure proper management and utilization of these features. Understanding these roles is essential for effective reporting and metric tracking. 

Business Reports Roles:

None: Users with this level cannot view or manage Business Reports data.

  • Actions: Cannot access or view any information related to Business Reports.

Viewer: Users with this level can view Business Reports without uploading or editing them.

  • Actions: Can access and view reports without the ability to make changes.

Admin: Users with this level have complete control over Business Reports data.

  • Actions: Can view, upload, edit, and verify reports, with complete access to all Business Reports features and functionality in Docyt.

Metrics Roles:

None: Users with this role cannot view or manage Metrics data.

  • Actions: Cannot access or view any information related to Metrics.

Admin: Users with this role have complete control over Metrics data.

  • Actions: Can view, edit, and manage Metrics, with full access to all Metrics features and functionality in Docyt.

Understanding these roles empowers users to utilize Business Reports and Metrics effectively for data analysis and performance tracking. It ensures appropriate access and control over these features, enabling better organizational decision-making.

Click here to view a step-by-step guide for how to add users in Docyt and configure permissions.

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