July 2023

Understanding the New Document Icon Colors in the Reconciliation Center

We are always looking for ways to enhance user experience and clarity. In order to make it easier to distinguish between different transaction categories, we have added distinct colors to the document icons in the Reconciliation Center. Here's what you should know about this improvement:

1. Why the Change?

The new update eliminates confusion by categorizing transactions as "No Document Needed" or "Matched Documents" using distinct icons.

2. Where to Find the Changes?

This new visual differentiation has been implemented in the following ways:

  • All Transactions Filters and Grid
  • Uncategorized Transaction sections Filters and Grid
  • Uncleared Documents tab page

3. What Does the New Icon Look Like?

Uncleared Transaction - Document options

4. Verifying the Update

When you visit the sections mentioned above, you will easily notice the newly added icon that represents "No Document Needed". This icon has been designed to stand out from the other transaction icons, making it clear and easy to distinguish.

5. Feedback

We hope this change streamlines your experience in the Reconciliation Center. Please feel free to share feedback or suggestions as we continue to enhance the platform.