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Understanding Tasks Permission Level in Docyt


Tasks Permission Levels:

  1. None: Users with this level have no ability to view, verify, or manage tasks.

  2. Viewer: Users can see Review Open Items, Vendors: Review Merge Options, Disconnected QuickBooks, and Disconnected Accounts sections in the Tasks menu.


    1. Then, access levels for the above sections are based on the user’s role:

      • Flagged Invoices: If the user has a role in Accounts Payable.

      • Flagged Receipts: If the user is the Uploader of that receipt or is an Approver and has access to all Payment Accounts.

      • Disconnected Accounts: Access to payment method + access to Banking Accounts as admin.

      • Vendors: Access to Vendors module as admin.

      • QBO connections: Access to Reconciliation Center module.

    Click here to view a step-by-step guide for how to add users in Docyt and configure permissions.

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