Split Expenses

Learn how to easily split invoices by statement, page, amount, or across multiple businesses.

Split Statement to Invoices:
      • This option allows you to split a statement into multiple individual invoices.
      • Ideal for cases where you receive a single statement with multiple expenses that need to be assigned to separate invoices.
Split Invoice Across Businesses:
      • Choose this option to split an expense across multiple entities based on amounts or percentages of the total.
      • Please use this when you have shared expenses among different businesses or entities.
      • Docyt will automatically manage the due-to and due-from balance sheet accounts across the QuickBooks of each entity.
Split Invoice by Page:
      • This option is designed to split a multi-page PDF invoice into individual invoices.
      • Each page of the original invoice will be replaced by a separate invoice in the invoice queue.
      • Ideal for cases where you receive invoices with multiple pages and want to treat each page as a separate invoice.

Split Invoice to Multiple Payments:
      • Use this option to split a single invoice into multiple payments. Splitting an invoice into multiple payments means dividing the total amount specified in an invoice into multiple installment payments.
      • Instead of making a single payment for the entire invoice amount, the payer opts to split it into smaller, more manageable payments over a specified period.