Split Receipts

Splitting receipts by amounts in Docyt: A Step-by-Step Guide

To divide expenses by amount in Docyt's Expense Management module, follow these simple steps to assign costs and optimize your receipt management process effectively.

  1. Log into Docyt: Access Docyt by logging in to the web app. Link here.
  2. To access your receipts, click "Expense Management" in the top menu, then select "Receipt Box" from the dropdown and choose "Receipt List."
  3. To split a receipt, find the specific receipt row and click on the amount button on the right side. A menu will appear with various options, and you can select "Split Receipt" from there.
  4. You will find the amount button on the right side of the receipt list. Click on it and choose "Split Receipt" from the available options. Then, select "Split Receipt by Amount".
  5. You will be directed to the "Split Receipts by Amount" window. You can enter the dollar amounts you want to split the receipt into here. Click the blue "add row" button to add more rows if needed.
  6. To ensure that splitting is done without guesswork, you can use the Receipt Total, Statement Amount, and Difference fields. Once you have entered the desired amounts, click on "Continue."
  7. A popup window titled "Split Receipt into Multiple Payments" will appear, confirming the split. To proceed, click the blue "split" button.
  8. After a few minutes, the receipt list will refresh. When it reloads, you will notice that the single receipt has been split into multiple receipts based on your selected amounts.

Following these steps, you can easily split a receipt into individual receipts based on specific amounts in Docyt. This feature allows for convenient and accurate management of your receipts, organizing them into separate transactions.



Docyt Subscription Requirement: This feature is available in the following Docyt subscriptions.

  • Expense Management Back Office
  • Corporate Credit Card Management
  • Insight Plan w/ Expense Management
  • Insight Plan w/ Corp Card Management
  • Impact
  • Advanced

Please refer to our Docyt Pricing page for a detailed breakdown of features across different subscription tiers.