Banking Accounts Transactions

Search and Filter Banking Account Transactions



You can use the filter options at the top of your screen to quickly sort through transactions based on specific criteria.

Group 41

Filter: By Date Range

To change the date range of the transactions you view, use the dropdown menu for dates.

Filter: By Transactions Description

To locate transactions that match specific keywords, enter your search terms into the 'Transaction Description' field.

Filter: By Transaction Type

You can use the dropdown menu labeled 'Transaction Type' to easily categorize transactions according to their specific types.

  • All Transactions
  • Asset Withdrawal
  • Chargeback
  • Customer Claims
  • Equity Investment
  • Equity Withdrawal
  • Expense
  • Liability Payments
  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Proceeds
  • Other Income
  • Other Receivables
  • Payroll Charges
  • Revenue
  • Revenue Reversal
  • Transfer
  • Uncategorized Transactions
  • Excluded
  • Vendor Refunds

Filter: By Banking Account

You can use the drop-down menu to sort transactions by specific banking accounts.

Filter: By Amount

Use this filter to sort transactions by exact amount or by amount range.

Filter: By Transaction Nature

Use this filter to sort transactions based on whether they are 'Split Transactions', 'Manually Added', 'Duplicate Transactions', or 'Verified Transactions'.

Filter: By Documentation

This filter sorts transactions as 'Documented Transactions' or 'Undocumented Transactions' based on their supporting documentation status.

Filter: By QBO Push Status

This filter sorts transactions based on their status, including 'All', 'Pushed to QBO', 'Push to QBO Disabled', 'Push to QBO Pending', and 'Error in pushing to QBO'.