Daily Tasks

Review Revenue Capture


Revenue Capture 2

  • A: Select Month.
  • B: Status of the report.
  • C: Quickbooks Sync status.
  • D: Send a chat message to your account manager.
  • E: Elipses menu. Click on it to access more options.

Elipses Menu

Your options will vary based on the revenue report status.

If the report status shows as Missing, you have the option to either include a revenue report or designate it as a 'No Revenue Day'.


If the report is available, whether balanced or unbalanced, you can edit the report and download the original files fetched from the external system for that specific date.



Daily Verification

  • To guarantee accurate revenue capture, it is important to regularly check the functionality of the revenue integration on a daily basis. Your account manager typically handles this task.

Address Issues Immediately

  • Your account manager will quickly address any issues with the revenue integration.

View Revenue Capture

  1. Log into Docyt:

  2. To access the Revenue Center, go to the main menu and click 'Revenue Reconciliation'. From there, select 'Revenue Center' to proceed.
  3. Select Revenue Capture from the left navigation.
  4. Select the month. View the revenue report information.
  5. The following options are available.
  6. Select the month to review. 
    select month rev capture
  7. View the status and other details.


Add Revenue System Manually: 

  • When user clicks on “Add Manually“, it asks user for the name of the revenue system. Update the left nav with the PMS name entered by the user. When the user clicks Add, it loads the revenue capture view.

Screenshot 1946-01-29 at 12.08.43 PM

Automatically Fetching Data from the emailed revenue system report -

When a revenue report arrives in the “Revenue Capture” section of the revenue center through email, the data in the report will be fetched automatically. The data are-

  1. Revenue system name

  2. Date

After fetching the revenue system name and Date, it will extract values for the line items in the revenue mapping and add them to the line items within the report, as demonstrated in the image.

Screenshot 1946-04-03 at 4.45.14 PM

Note: If the report is not parsed due to format or any other issue, this file will be in the “For Review” section. Users can then manually verify and add data.