Cheat Sheets

Responsibility Breakdown for Accounting Firms

The chart outlines the responsibilities of Docyt and the various tasks that can be delegated to different roles within your business.
Responsibility Docyt Staff/
Senior Manager End Client 
Accounts Payable
Upload Invoices        
Verify Invoices        
Approve Invoices        
Pay Invoices        
Mark Invoices as Paid (if not paid through Docyt)      
Receipt Box
Upload Credit Card Receipts  
Approve Receipts        
Resolve Duplicate Vendors        
Banking Accounts:          
Reconnect bank & credit card accounts if they become disconnected        
Add a new bank account        
Add a new credit card        
Incorporate employees' corporate cards into Docyt        
Archive closed bank & credit card accounts        
Reconciliation Center:          
Review Uncategorized Transactions & Code        
Flag Transactions for assistance in Coding        
Match Uncleared Documents to Transaction Feeds        
Upload Bank Statements        
Upload Credit Card Statements        
Perform Bank Feed Verification at month end        
Complete month-end close procedures        
Business Reports:          
Access essential business reports whenever required    
Business Mailroom:          
Upload Payroll Reports for the month        
Upload Revenue Reports for the month          
Open Items:          
Respond to Flagged Transactions        
Resolution of "missing", "sync" errors within Docyt        
Make Payroll Journal Entry in QBO        
Remove any Duplicate transactions recorded in QBO at month end        
Complete Bank Reconciliations (in QBO) at month end        
Questions or Comments?
Please reach out to your Team Lead/Account Manager, contact Docyt’s support team via email at