Docyt ACH

Resolving Failed Docyt ACH Payments

Take the necessary steps to address and withdraw funds from Docyt Wallet.

  1. Access Docyt Wallet:

    • Go to Accounts Payable > Settings > Setup Payment Methods > ACH Payments.
    • The "Docyt Wallet Balance" will display the balance of any failed ACH payments.
  2. Withdraw Funds from Docyt Wallet:

    • To transfer the funds back into your bank account, locate the specific failed payment in the list.
    • Click on the three dots to the right of the payment and select "Withdraw to Bank Account".

By following these steps, you can manually withdraw the funds from Docyt Wallet in the event of a failed ACH payment. Ensure a smooth financial process by promptly resolving payment issues within Docyt.

Please note that the steps provided are a general guideline, and the interface and functionality may vary depending on the specific version of Docyt you are using.