Streamline Reporting & Compliance with Docyt

Simplify reporting, payment processing, and documentation for better financial compliance.

USALI Reports

  • Docyt's custom reporting feature provides accurate, real-time USALI reports for hotel owners, operators, and department heads.
  • Set up advanced reports in the Business Reports module with assistance from your Account Manager. (Available for select Docyt offerings)
  • Reports automatically refresh daily and offer drill-down capabilities for detailed analysis.

Paying Property Tax and Insurance Bills

  • Docyt facilitates spreading payments over time for accurate accrual accounting.
  • Send property tax and insurance bills directly to Accounts Payable.
  • Set the accrual schedule and pay bills via Docyt check, attaching the original invoice.

Sales/Occupancy Tax Payment and Accounting

  • Hotels can collect sales and occupancy tax and use Docyt for payment and accounting.
  • Upload tax documents to Accounts Payable, and categorize them appropriately.
  • Pay via Docyt check, attaching the sales/occupancy tax invoice document.

Accounting for Vendors that Issue Many Invoices and Provide Statements

  • For vendors with multiple invoices and statements, follow these steps:
  • Upload invoices to Accounts Payable.
  • Mark invoices as paid using the "Advanced Settlement" feature.
  • Request monthly statements and send them to Business Mailroom for reconciliation.

Business Mailroom

  • Use Business Mailroom for various documents such as bank statements, merchant account statements, payroll reports, and more.
  • Add documents via mobile app, drag-and-drop, or email attachments to your unique Business Mailroom email address.
  • Also, handle non-expense check withdrawals by emailing the details to Business Mailroom.