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Reviewing and Replying to Open Items (Flagged Transactions)


1. Once you have successfully logged into your account, you will be directed to the main dashboard. From there, simply go to the 'Tasks' section. If there are any pending items, such as flagged transactions or document requests, you will find an option called 'Review Open Items'. To begin reviewing transactions, click on the 'Review Transactions' hyperlink.



2. The 'Open Items' menu can also be accessed from the main menu bar in Docyt. Select the transaction flagged for a reply and provide a note in the designated 'Transaction Context' text box.

3. Once you have finished leaving a suitable comment in the 'Transaction Context' text box and clicked outside the textbox, a dialogue box will appear, asking you to confirm if you want to mark it as reviewed. Click 'Confirm' to mark this transaction as reviewed.


4. You can also choose the transaction for review and reply by clicking on the ellipsis (three-dot) symbol tied to the transaction. This action enables you to send a message, mark the transaction as reviewed, or explore the detailed view of the transaction.

5. To reply to flagged transactions via chat message, click on the message icon . A dedicated chat box will surface where you can add specific comments related to the selected transaction. Tap the arrow symbol indicating 'send message' to send your comments.

6. If you need to attach documents in your chat reply, click the plus icon. Once you've added your comments, click the blue 'Mark as Reviewed - Review Next' button at the bottom of the chat window.

7. The flag color will change to green once the transaction is marked as reviewed.

Note: A reviewed transaction can be reopened if needed.