For Quick Service Restaurants

QSR Daily Revenue Report

Table of Contents

How to Access the Report

  1. Log in to your Docyt account.
  2. From the top navigation menu, select 'Business Reports' from the drop-down menu. In the subsequent menu, select 'Revenue'. 
  3. On the 'Revenue' page, locate and click the 'Daily Revenue Report' option to access the report.

  4. Customize the report parameters, such as selecting the desired period. Generate the report and review the detailed results to gain insights into daily revenue performance.

To Export your Report to Excel or PDF Format

  • Generate and review the desired report in Docyt.
  • To export your report to Excel or PDF format, go to the top right corner of the report page and find the three-dots menu icon (...). Click on the three dots to reveal the menu options, and from there, select 'Export as Excel' or 'Export as PDF'.
  • A notification will appear, indicating that the report can be downloaded from the 'Data Export' section of Docyt.
  • To download the report, navigate to the 'Data Export' section by clicking the 'Data Export' link in the notification. Click the ellipsis menu on the 'Data Export' page and select the 'Download' option.

Limited Access: This report is exclusively available for select Docyt Plans. If you don't have access, please get in touch with for help.

Components and Sections of the Report 

The Daily Revenue Report typically consists of the following key sections:

Revenue Breakdown:

This section provides a detailed breakdown of revenue sources within the QSR business. By analyzing this breakdown, companies can understand the contribution of each revenue stream to the overall financial performance.


The Daily Revenue Report offers several benefits to QSR businesses, including:

  • Revenue Performance Tracking: The report allows businesses to track and analyze revenue performance over time. By monitoring revenue trends, companies can assess the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to maximize revenue.

  • Identification of Seasonal Patterns: Analyzing the report's period comparisons helps businesses identify seasonal patterns in revenue generation. This information is valuable for forecasting, staffing, inventory management, and strategic planning.

What to do if your Report Data is not Accurate

For inaccurate data:

  • Consult with your Docyt Account Manager for guidance and resolution.
  • For general support questions, please email Docyt support at for help in troubleshooting and resolving any discrepancies.