Resolving Accounts Payable Payment Errors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Access the Paid Queue

  1. Select Expense Managment>Accounts Payable> Invoice Queue

  2. Switch to the "Paid" tab to view the paid invoices.

  3. Locate the invoice with the payment error in the "Paid Queue".

  4. Click on the boxed invoice amount to view the invoice details.
  5. In the drop-down menu, select "Cancel Payment" to initiate the cancellation process.
  6. Re-verification and Payment
    1. Once the payment is canceled, the invoice will return to the invoice queue in an unverified state.
    2. Re-verify the invoice by following the standard verification process.
    3. Pay the invoice once it has been successfully verified.

By following these steps, you can effectively resolve payment errors in Accounts Payable using Docyt.