Bill Pay

Paying Bills/Invoices in Docyt

Docyt's integrated, automated accounting platform powers your bill pay workflow from invoice to payment to reconciliation, all in one place.

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Payment Options

Docyt ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Move money quickly with electronic payments. Click here to learn how to pay by Docyt ACH.

Docyt Check

With Docyt Check, funds remain in your account until the check is deposited. Docyt generates, prints, and mails a paper check and can include documentation like invoice stubs, renewal forms, and sales tax letters. Click here to learn how to pay by Docyt Check.

Docyt Self-Print Check

In Docyt, you can print checks on blank check stock paper. To learn how to create a check on blank check stock in Docyt, follow these steps.

Mark as Paid

Pay on your own using cash, checks, or debit/credit cards. Just mark transactions as paid in Docyt and your accounting software will be automatically updated.
Click here to learn how to mark an invoice as paid.

Bill Pay for Multi-Entity Owners

Inter-Entity Payment Splits

Docyt will record the expense and liabilities in each business' respective balance sheet in the accounting software. Learn how to complete an inter-entity payment split by clicking here.

Inter-Entity Settlements

At the end of the month, quarter, or year, make an ACH transfer or generate a Docyt check to transfer funds and complete the settlement. Docyt will update each entity's balance sheets.
Learn how to complete an inter-entity settlement by clicking here.

Docyt Scheduled Payments

Set up one-time and recurring payments with Docyt Check or ACH. Click here to learn how to schedule payments.