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Overview of the Docyt App Android

Main Icons:

  1. Tasks

    • Provides an overview of immediate action items:
      • Review flagged transactions, invoices, and receipts.
      • Respond to document upload requests.
      • Merge duplicate vendors.
      • Address disconnected bank or credit card accounts.
  2. Dashboard

    • Presents essential business metrics visually, offering a complete overview of company performance.
  3. Recent

    • Displays documents recently uploaded by the user via the camera icon.
    • Shows recent invoices, receipts, bank transactions, and documents uploaded in the business mailroom.

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Camera Icon:

  • Tap the purple camera icon to access features such as:
    • Mailroom: Send documents like bank statements, payroll reports, loan statements, and more.
    • Manual Check: Capture and upload manual checks.
    • A/P Invoice: Upload accounts payable invoices.
    • Business Receipt: Capture and upload corporate credit card receipts.
    • Expense Receipt: Submit personal expenses for reimbursement.


Three-Line Icon:

  • Located on the top left of the main screen, it leads to the services menu, which includes:
    • Mailroom: Send documents to account managers.
    • Banking Accounts: Access and view bank transactions.
    • Revenue Center: Access Deposit Tracking and Revenue Capture.
    • Business Reports: Access various business reports.
    • Financial Connections: Manage financial institution accounts connected to Docyt.
    • Accounts Payable: Access Invoice Queue, Check Register, Payment Rules, and more.
    • Reconciliation Center: Access reconciliation features.
    • Receipt Box: View receipt list and merchants.
    • Expense Reports: View and submit expense reports for reimbursements.