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Operator’s Operating Statement for Hospitality Businesses

The Operator’s Operating Statement is a crucial report that allows operators to evaluate financial performance from their perspective. This article explores the key components and sections of the report.

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How to Access the Operator’s Operating Statement

  1. Log in to your Docyt account.
  2. From the top navigation menu, select 'Business Reports'. Select 'Management Reports' from the subsequent drop-down menu.
  3. On the Management Reports page, locate and click on the 'Operator’s Operating Statement' option to access the report.

  4. To tailor the report to your needs, you can customize the parameters before generating it. Once the report is generated, take the time to review the detailed results. This will enable you to gain valuable insights into the performance of your revenue and ensure financial accuracy.

Report Customization

1. Use the drop-down menu in business reports to add new columns based on the selections.

2. Click 'Customize' to add new columns to the report, namely Percentage Column, Last Year, Per Available Room (PAR), Per Occupied Room (POR), and Budgets Comparison. 


3. You can also customize the report columns for multiple months.

4. The table below provides the formula for calculating PAR $ (Per Available Room) and POR $ (Per Occupied Room) for both the Period to Date and Year to Date, respectively. This information can be found in row 3 of the below table.

PTD (Period To Date)  YTD (Year To Date)



(PTD Amount) ÷ (Rooms Available to Sell)

(PTD Amount) ÷ (Rooms Sold)



(YTD Amount) ÷ (Rooms Available to Sell)

(YTD Amount) ÷ (Rooms Sold)


5. You can also customize the columns in the report at the first level of data drill-down using the drop-down menu. This allows you to personalize the report further and tailor it to your specific needs.


6. You can also minimize the report section to view the total numbers and report insights for a specific section. This allows you to see section-wise data on the report. Please take a look at the highlighted section in green color.

Screenshot 1946-04-21 at 3.05.24 PM                                                                                                    ⬇️

Screenshot 1946-04-21 at 3.05.33 PM

To export your report to Excel or PDF format

    1. Generate and review the desired report in Docyt.
    2. To export your report to Excel or PDF format, go to the top right corner of the report page and find the three-dots menu icon (...). Click on the three dots to reveal the menu options, and from there, select either 'Export as Excel' or 'Export as PDF'.
    3. A notification will appear, indicating that the report can be downloaded from the 'Data Export' section of Docyt.
    4. To download the report, navigate to the 'Data Export' section by clicking on the 'Data Export' link mentioned in the notification. On the 'Data Export' page, click on the ellipsis menu and select the 'Download' option.

Limited Access: This report is exclusively available for select Docyt Plans. If you don't have access, please get in touch with for help.

Report Components and Sections

The Operator's Operating Statement report consists of the following key components:

Revenue Sources:

This section provides a comprehensive breakdown of the various revenue sources, including room revenue, food and beverage sales, and other income streams. It allows operators to analyze revenue generation from different aspects of their business, gaining valuable insights into the sources that contribute the most to their overall revenue.


In this section, the report covers the expenses incurred by the business, such as labor costs, operating expenses, marketing expenses, and more. Operators can closely monitor and control these expenses to improve profitability. By understanding where most of their costs are incurred by the business, operators can identify areas for cost-saving and budget optimization.

Profitability Analysis:

The profitability analysis section focuses on assessing the financial health of the business. This section serves as a valuable guide for decision-making, helping operators optimize their business strategy.

By understanding the key components and sections of the Operator's Operating Statement report, operators can effectively evaluate their financial performance, monitor revenue sources, control expenses, and make informed decisions to drive operational efficiency and improve profitability.

Sample Report


What to do if your Report Data is not Accurate

For inaccurate data:

  • Consult with your Docyt Account Manager for guidance and resolution.
  • For general support questions, please email Docyt support at for help in troubleshooting and resolving any discrepancies.


The Operator's Statement report offers several benefits for operators in driving operational efficiency:

  1. Financial Evaluation: Operators can assess the financial performance of their business by analyzing revenue sources, expenses, and profitability. It helps identify areas for improvement and optimization.

  2. Expense Control: By monitoring expenses, operators can identify cost-saving opportunities, manage budgets effectively, and improve profitability.

  3. Performance Measurement: The report is a tool that allows operators to track revenue growth, expense trends, and profitability over time.

  4. Informed Decision-Making: With accurate financial data, operators can make informed decisions to optimize revenue, control costs, and allocate resources efficiently.

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