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Marking a Transaction as 'No Document Needed'

Use 'No Document Needed' when your company policy does not expect or require a document for that particular transaction based on certain criteria, such as the amount or type of transaction.

How to use 'No Document Needed' in Docyt

There can be two ways in which 'No Document Needed' can be enabled:

a) At the time of transaction categorization.

b) By doing the setting of Auto Pilot in Reconciliation Center module of Docyt.

A. At the Time of Transaction Categorization (Manually)

  1. Open a transaction.
  2. To indicate that no supporting document is needed for a transaction, you can check the 'No document needed' check box. This is useful when there is no paperwork or evidence required for the transaction.

B. Auto Pilot Action Setting in Reconciliation Center of Docyt

  1. Auto pilot settings enables user to make custom rules to define actions to transaction that match specific conditions. They are applied to all uncategorized transactions.
  2. The detailed instructions are provided in a separate article as mentioned below covering how to do 'No Document Needed' settings in Auto Pilot in Reconciliation Center module of Docyt:

    Auto Pilot Settings in Reconciliation Center of Docyt


Q: I have a company policy where I do not require a receipt for transactions below a specific dollar amount. How do I manage this in Docyt?

A: Mark the transaction as 'No Document Needed'.


Q: What does "No Document Needed" mean?

A: When a transaction is marked as 'No Document Needed', it means that there is no requirement to attach a supporting document to it. This typically occurs when the company policy does not necessitate or expect a document for that specific transaction, based on factors such as the transaction's dollar value or type. This feature greatly reduces the amount of paperwork needed and enhances the efficiency of the record-keeping process.