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Managing Docyt Module-Based Unique Email IDs

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to use and share unique Docyt email addresses for improved document workflow.

  • Accounts Payable Email: Direct all pending vendor invoices to this address to keep your accounts payable up-to-date.
    AP Mailbox
  • Receipt Box Email: Send copies of receipts for expenses paid via credit card or cash to this address.
    rb mailbox
  • Mailroom Email: Use this address for any documents the Account Management Team requests. It's also a catch-all for documents you need your Account Manager team to notice.
    mailroom mailbox
  • Revenue Center Email
    Rev Center Mailbox

Copying an Email Address:

  1. Log into Docyt by visiting
  2. Navigate to the relevant section (like Invoice Queue or Receipt Box).
  3. Click the blue link to reveal and copy the Docyt Email Address.

Sharing an Email Address: After copying, share the specific email address with the people who need it, such as vendors who need the Invoice Queue address or employees who should send expense receipts to the Receipt Box.

The Importance of Forwarding Emails: These specialized emails are crucial to Docyt's efficiency, notably the Revenue Center Email for clients in Hospitality and similar sectors. Altering this email address by mistake could disrupt report scheduling and business operations.

For a hassle-free experience and to prevent complications, please do not change the Forwarding Emails.

If you have any difficulties, need help, or have queries about using Docyt, don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager or Docyt support at