Accounts Payable

Managing Business Expenses via Docyt Mobile App

A convenient way to upload receipts and monitor the status of submitted expenses.

  • For an optimal and efficient experience, employees should promptly scan receipts for all personally reimbursable items directly into Docyt using the mobile app. Here's how:

    1. Upload Receipts: Open the Docyt mobile app and tap the purple PLUS icon. Then select the option for 'Expense Receipt'. Please scan and upload one receipt at a time for accurate processing.

    2. View & Edit Uploaded Receipts: Navigate to 'Expense Reports > My Expenses' to view all uploaded receipts. Here, you can also modify any details and submit the expense for reimbursement.

    3. Use Personalized Email ID: Each user is provided with a unique Expense Reports email ID. You can forward expenses to this email and then submit them via the mobile app.

    4. Track Expense Progress: Stay updated on the status of your expenses directly from the app.

    5. Maintain a Connected Reimbursement Account: Ensure that your reimbursement account is always linked by visiting 'Expense Reports > Settings'.

    Using the Docyt mobile app, employees can conveniently manage their business expenses on-the-go, making the process of tracking and submitting expenses a breeze.

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