How to send invoices to Docyt

Docyt's Accounts Payable Automation provides powerful features to streamline the management of invoices and payments. By leveraging these features, you can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce errors in your expense management process.

  1. Upload Invoices Directly to Your Invoice Queue:

    • Log into Docyt.
    • Select the Accounts Payable module.
    • Drag and drop your invoice documents into the invoice queue.
    • A green bar will indicate when the documents have finished processing.
  2. Utilize the Filter in the Invoice Queue to Sort by Status:

    • Easily locate invoices by filtering them based on their status.
    • Click on the "All Statuses" drop-down menu and select the desired status to filter by.
  3. The 3-Step Invoice Process in Docyt:

    • Verify: Check invoice data and categories for accuracy and make necessary adjustments.
    • Approve: Once verified, an approver signs off on the invoice, indicating it's ready for payment.
    • Pay: An official payer completes the final step by paying through the preferred payment method added in Docyt.
  4. Search, Filter, and Perform Bulk Actions:

    • Effortlessly search and filter invoices using the top row of the Invoice Queue. Search by vendor, status, invoice number, date range, or amount.
    • Select multiple invoices simultaneously and use the Bulk Actions dropdown to conveniently approve or pay them with just a few clicks.
    • Merge several invoices into a single PDF using Bulk Actions and then proceed with payment.
  5. Invoice Verification:

    • In the Invoice Queue, click on an invoice to open the detail panel.
    • Docyt automatically extracts data from your invoices, but it includes a built-in verification step for 100% accuracy.
    • Users with Verifier, Approver, or Payer permissions can review and verify invoices, ensuring their correctness.
    • During verification, carefully review vendor name, chart of accounts, and invoice metadata (amount, invoice number, account number, due dates, accrual period, notes), and make any necessary changes.
    • Docyt's machine learning learns from your adjustments, improving data extraction for future invoices.
    • If Docyt finds multiple potential matches, a screen will display all available options.

By following these steps and utilizing Docyt's advanced features, you can effectively manage your invoices, streamline your expense management processes, and ensure accurate and efficient accounts payable management.