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Introducing Multi-Entity Reports on iOS

Good news for our iOS users!

We're pleased to announce the availability of multi-entity reports on our mobile app. Now, you can view your comprehensive multi-entity reports right from your iOS device, the same way you do on the web.

Here's how it works:

If you've already created at least one multi-entity report on the web, you can now view it directly on your iOS device.

  1. Navigate to the Business Reports section and tap on Multi → Entity Reports.
  2. You'll find your multi-entity report listed here. The title for the multi-entity report will always be the same as shown on the web.
  3. Tap on the desired report to display it.

These reports maintain the same look and feel as on the web, providing you with a seamless experience across platforms.

Important Notes:

  • The layout and display of these multi-entity reports on the mobile app will match exactly as they appear on the web.
  • The web app version includes a search functionality for these reports. However, in this update, we've not yet included that feature on the mobile app.
  • The filters present on the top right of the multi-entity reports on the web version will not function in this update.

We hope this new feature enhances your reporting capabilities on the go. As always, your feedback is crucial to our ongoing improvements, so please don't hesitate to share your experiences with us. Enjoy exploring your multi-entity reports on iOS!