Important Tasks

How to Review Flagged Transactions on the Docyt App for iOS

1. Access your Docyt account through the Docyt App on your iPhone.

2. Select the 'Tasks' icon, then choose the Review Transactions link (if available) under the 'Review Open Items' section.

3. The flagged transactions (with an orange question mark) will appear. Click on the transaction that you want to review.

4. Click the chat icon to provide any extra details to the Account Manager.

5. Enter your message and press the 'Send' button to communicate with the Account Manager.

6. Select the option 'Mark as Reviewed - Review Next' to mark it as reviewed and move on to the next transaction for review.

7. Choose the 'Open Items' filter. A window will pop up with two choices: 'Open Items' and 'Reviewed Items'. Click the radio button next to 'Reviewed Items' and then hit 'Apply'.

8. All the transactions that have been reviewed will be displayed, with a green check mark indicating their status.

9. If you click on any reviewed transaction, you will see a 'Re-Open Issue' button through which the transaction can again be marked as flagged.