Accounts Payable

How to Record a Handwritten Check Using the Docyt Mobile App for iOS?

  1. Click on the blue ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen to scan the manual check image.

    1 Tap the blue plus icon

  2. Choose 'Manual Check' from the options provided.

    Select Manual Check

  3. Select the business that issued the Manual Check.

    Tap the Business

  4. Select the recipient by tapping on 'Payee'.

    Tap Payee

  5. You can choose the recipient you are paying by selecting them from the provided list under 'Payee'.
    Select Payee

  6. Select the appropriate account category by tapping on 'Chart of Accounts'.

    Select Chart of Account

  7. Please input the amount and description, then tap 'Save' to proceed.

    Amt Desc Tap Save

  8. Choose the Check date, then click ‘Done’ to confirm your selection.

    Select Date DONE

  9. Input the check number.
    Enter Checck No

  10. Select the 'Bank Account' by tapping on it.

    Tap Bank Account

  11. Choose the desired 'Bank Account' from the available list.

    Select Bank Account-1

  12. Tap on ‘Done’ to finalize and complete the process for the Manual Check.

    Tap Done to complete Check