Setup & Configuration

What are the steps to reconnect a financial connection?

1. Log into your Docyt account. Click the 'Accounting' tab and select your business name.

2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select 'Financial Connections'.


3. To reconnect a disconnected financial institution, click on the ellipsis menu (represented by three dots) located next to the disconnected institution and select 'Reconnect.'

4. Docyt integrates with Plaid to establish a secure, continuous connection between your bank and Docyt. Click on the black "Continue" button when the Plaid window pops up.
Plaid Popup
5. Enter your username and password to access your financial institution account.

6. Select the accounts that you would like to reconnect.
Reconnect Financial Connection  3
7. A screen confirming your success will appear after completing the process.
Reconnect Financial Connection  4

8. Your connection status will be changed to 'Connected'.
Reconnect Financial Connection 5