Accountant/CPA Access

How do I provide view-only access to TD Bank for accountants?

The need for accountant view-only access for TD Bank arises from the requirement to conveniently view or download monthly bank statements while reconciling financial records. This access saves clients' time by eliminating the need to send statements every month and allows for efficient bookkeeping. To provide this access, follow the steps outlined below:

Actions from the client side:

  1. To access your TD Bank account, simply log in using your credentials: TD Bank Login
  2. TD Bank allows business owners to manage other users and set their permissions for online banking access. This convenient feature, known as 'Users & Access', can be found in the top navigation (2nd row) when owners are logged into their business accounts via a browser. Please note that this feature is currently not available in the mobile app.

  3. When you access this feature, the "Manage Users" tab will appear, allowing you to easily add new employees as users or view the users you have already added.

  4. After adding users, you can go to the "Manage Access Roles" tab to assign roles. These roles provide specific permissions for viewing account details and dollar limits related to activities such as payroll and wire transfers.

  5. For additional information, please visit the following link: Limited online access to additional users.