Import, Export & Share Data

How to Export Data from Docyt

  1. Sign in to your Docyt account.
  2. To access the required settings, find and click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then, select the 'Data Export' option from the menu to proceed.

    Screenshot 1946-02-27 at 6.43.48 PM
  3. You will be redirected to the Data Export page. Click on the blue button with a plus sign (+).

    Screenshot 1946-02-24 at 12.33.41 PM
  4. Enter the required details, including the export type, business name, and the specific date range for the data, and click 'Export Data'.
  5. The' Export Type' drop-down menu allows you to select the specific data type and file you want to export. For invoices and checks, you can choose between PDF and Excel formats. For revenue reports and receipts, the export format is PDF. If you need to export the complete vendors list, expense transactions, or P&L chart of accounts, you can do so in Excel file format.

  6. Please allow some time for the system to generate the report. This may take a few minutes, and you'll see a processing status indicator while the report is being generated, as depicted in the image.

Screenshot 1946-02-24 at 4.49.15 PM

7.  Once the export process is complete, you will receive an email notification.
Screenshot 1946-02-24 at 12.47.52 PM

8.  After the export process has finished, you can go back to the data export screen and easily download your exported data by clicking on 'Download' in the ellipsis menu. You can also rename the exported report by clicking on then "Rename" option.

Screenshot 1946-02-27 at 6.34.36 PM

9.  The reconciliation center in Docyt also allows you to download your business's chart of accounts conveniently. Additionally, you have the option to download both uncategorized transactions and categorized transactions, such as Expenses, Income, Bank Transfers, Payroll Charges, Equity/Liabilities/Assets, and Loan Payments, as CSV files directly to your computer. To learn more about this feature, click here for additional details.

10.  You can also download consolidated business reports to your computer through the 'Data Export' section. Click here for more information on this feature.

11. You can also rename the exported file name (Export Name). To do this, 

  • Click on the 3 dot options

  • Select edit “Rename” from the drop-down(other options are delete and download)

  • A pop-up will be displayed where you can rename the Export Name. After renaming click on "Save".

  • Check for the new Export Name in Data Export