Vendors & Payees

How can I manage and maintain the profiles of my vendors in Docyt?

From the business dashboard, navigate to Vendors. In the Vendors module, you can add/import vendors, view vendor profiles, review payments, check ACH connection, check QuickBooks Online (QBO) connection, and more.


Importing Vendors:

  1. In the "Vendors" section, click the blue "Add/Import Vendors" button on the upper right.
  2. Select "Import Vendors from QuickBooks."
  3. Choose the vendors you want to import from QuickBooks by selecting the checkboxes and clicking "Continue."
  4. Docyt will suggest matching QuickBooks vendors to existing Docyt vendors whenever possible. Match the QBO vendor to the corresponding Docyt vendor.
  5. The imported vendors will now be accessible for bill pay.

Adding Individual Vendors:

  1. In the "My Vendors" section, click the blue "Add/Import Vendors" button on the upper right.
  2. Select "Add New Vendor."
  3. Track Vendors for 1099 Generation by checking the "Track Vendor for 1099 generation" box during the vendor creation process.

Linking Docyt Vendors to QBO Vendors:

  1. Click on the vendor's name to view the link between vendors in Docyt and QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click "View in QuickBooks."
  3. Make vendor edits in Docyt for best practice. If corrections are made in QuickBooks Online, follow these steps:
    1. Tap on the three dots next to "View in QuickBooks."
    2. Click on "Edit Payee Profile."
    3. Search for the vendor in "Vendor in Ledger" and select the corresponding QBO vendor.
    4. Click "Save Payee" to link the Docyt vendor with the QuickBooks Online vendor.

By effectively accessing and managing your vendors in Docyt, you can leverage the benefits of AI learning, efficient data extraction, payment information management, and reconciliation automation to streamline your vendor-related processes. 

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