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How do I Submit a New Feature Request Feedback to Docyt?

Your feedback is valuable to us. At Docyt, we are dedicated to enhancing your software experience to the highest standards. We have streamlined the process so you can share your thoughts on new feature requests directly with us at Docyt.

    1. To submit a new feature request, click the Question Mark Icon at the top right-hand side of your screen. This action will prompt Docyt's Help Center to open up for you.
    2. Once inside Docyt's Help Center, navigate to the 'Suggest Features' option.
    3. Select the 'Make a Suggestion' button within the opened page to propose a new feature idea. You can also view suggestions made by other users and vote for them to help prioritize features. Additionally, you can track the status of all suggestions on this page.

    4. Provide specific details in the appropriate text boxes by explaining your suggestion, and then click the 'Submit request' button to submit it for consideration.