Guide to Business Reports (Other than UPS, Hospitality, QSR businesses)

Table of Content

A. Management Reports

B. Expense Report


A. Management Reports

  1. Owner's Operating Statement: Furnishes a comprehensive financial outlook of your business. Access this via Docyt to better understand your profitability, revenue, and expenses.
  2. Operator's Operating Statement: Concentrates on operational facets of your business.
  3. Balance Sheet Statement: Presents a snapshot of your business's financial state, encompassing assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. Access this in Docyt to clarify your financial status and inform decisions.
  4. Cash Flow Statement: Monitors your business's cash inflow and outflow, aiding in effective cash management and future expense planning. Use Docyt to access this report and safeguard financial stability.


B. Expense Report

  1. Vendor Expense Report: Gives vendor and supplier-related expense insights, facilitating cost analysis and savings identification. Access this report via Docyt to efficiently oversee vendor expenses.