Accountant/CPA Access

Guidelines on Allocating "View Only" Permissions in Docyt for Streamlined Financial Management

Ensure accurate financial management by granting Docyt "View Only" access to your banking and payroll accounts.

To save valuable time and streamline your financial management process, we highly recommend granting Docyt read-only access to your bank, credit card, and payroll reports. By doing so, you eliminate the need to manually upload or email these statements each month. Docyt will securely retrieve and sync your statements automatically, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial data. With this convenient feature, you can focus on other important aspects of your business while Docyt handles the hassle of document collection. Granting read-only access is a time-saving solution that simplifies your financial workflows and keeps your records in sync effortlessly.

How to Grant View-Only Access

Financial Institutions

Payroll Services


Wells Fargo: Use Wells Fargo's Account Access Manager to create a guest user with view-only bank account access.

ADP Payroll: With read-only access, Docyt can view general ledger, reports, taxes, and company/employee information, streamlining financial processes


U.S. Bank: Utilize U.S. Bank's "Shared Access" feature to customize access for business accounts.


Chase Bank: Access the Chase Access & Security Manager to add an authorized user with specified account access.


American Express: Set up a secondary user account using Amex's Account Manager feature to provide Docyt limited access to bank records.



Bank of America: Upgrade your Bank of America online banking account with Account Management to grant individual account access for small business accountants.


Truist Bank



*Note: Contact your bank or payroll institution if it is not listed here for instructions on adding a view-only user.