Setup & Configuration

Financial Account Configuration in Docyt

Guide to Setting Up, Connecting, and Automatic Mapping Bank Account

NOTE - Please create and select a management group before completing the following steps.

  1. Setting Up a Bank Account in Docyt
  2. Connecting Financial Account To Docyt
  3. Mapping the Automatic Connection

Setting Up a Bank Account in Docyt

  1. Click on the 'Settings' menu.
  2. Navigate to 'Financial Accounts', located on the left side of the settings screen.

  3. Click the blue plus (+) icon in the upper right corner.

  4. Add a new account. A new screen titled 'Add New Account' will appear on the right side.

    1. Select the' Add Bank Account Manually' option if you are adding a bank account, such as a checking account, money market, or other type of bank account.

  5. Input the account name. We recommend using the format: Bank Initials - last four digits of the account number (e.g., BofA - 1234).

  6. In the 'Last 4 Digits' field, provide the last four digits of your account number.

  7. Leave the 'Routing Number' field empty (Optional).

  8. Select the blue 'Edit' option under the 'Chart of Accounts' field.

  9. If you've already set up a chart of accounts for your financial account, please go to step 10. 

    1. If you still need to set up a chart of accounts for your financial account, choose 'Link As New Account'.

    2. Since you're adding a Bank Account, the category type should be 'Bank'.

    3. Determine the type of bank account using the 'Detail Type'. For instance, select 'Checking' if it's a checking account.

    4. Specify the category name, which will be the name of the chart of accounts associated with the bank account you're adding to Docyt.

    5. Confirm your selections by clicking the blue 'Done' button.

  10. Select your account from the chart of accounts list by checking the box.

  11. Click 'Done'.

  12. Please finish the setup by clicking the 'Done' button at the bottom of the 'Add New Account' screen.

Connecting Financial Account To Docyt

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top of your screen. 

  2. From the dropdown menu, choose 'Financial Connections'.

  3. Select the name of your business from the list. Ensure the selected business is the one you're adding to the financial connection.

  4. Click the blue '+ Connect' button in the top right corner.

  5. Select 'Connect to a New Financial Institution'. (If you have already connected the financial institution -- you can skip to Mapping the Automatic Connection.)

  6. Choose the Management Grous created during setup, then click 'Continue'.

  7. A pop-up window will appear, stating that Docyt uses Plaid for a secure, continuous bank connection. Click 'Continue'.

  8. You can enter your bank's name into the designated field and then click on the bank name to confirm your choice.

  9. You can just follow the onscreen prompts to validate your financial accounts securely.

  10. Close the 'Financial Connections' window by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner.

  11. Repeat steps 4 through 10 until all your financial accounts are connected.

  12. Close the 'Financial Connections' window by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner.

Mapping the Automatic Connection

  1. Go to 'Banking & Reconciliation' from the top menu, and choose 'Banking Accounts' and 'Accounts'.

  2. Find the account you wish to map to the financial connection you created.

  3. Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the screen and choose 'Account Settings'.

  4. In the 'Transaction Import' field, select 'Automatic'.

  5. Click 'Select an account' under the 'Mapped Financial Institution Account' field.

  6. Choose an account from the available financial institution accounts.

  7. Map the financial connection to the account by clicking on it.

  8. You can confirm your mapping by clicking the blue 'Done' button at the bottom of the 'Account Settings' window.