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Expense Reports: Permission Levels and Document Access

Efficient management of expense reports is essential for accurate financial tracking. Docyt offers three permission levels to control access and responsibilities within the Expense Reports feature. 

This guide helps users understand how document access permissions affect the visibility of expense receipts and reports within the Expense Reports module of our platform.


Permission Levels and Document Access

Access to documents in the Expense Reports module is determined by the user's assigned permissions.

There are three permission levels: None, Participant, and Admin. Each level affects document visibility in the Global Search feature as follows:

  • None: Users with 'None' permissions will not see any search results related to expense receipts or reports.

  • Participant: Users with this level can create and submit their expense reports. They can upload expenses, track their submitted reports' progress, and view their reports. However, they cannot access or manage other users' expense reports. Users with 'Participant' permissions can see documents based on their involvement:

    • Expense Receipts: Visible if they have been uploaded by the user.
    • Expense Reports: Visible if they have been submitted or reimbursed.
  • Admin: Users with this level have complete control over the Expense Reports data. They can view, edit, and manage all reports, including those of other users. They have the authority to approve or reject expense reports and can submit reports on behalf of other users when needed. Users with 'Admin' permissions have broader access:

    • Expense Receipts: Visible if they have been uploaded.
    • Expense Reports: Visible if they have been submitted, reimbursed, or pertain to other employee expenses.

Expense Reports Permission Levels: