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Expense Report Workflow for Employers

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Expense Report Workflow

The expense report workflow in Docyt is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. It consists of a series of steps that both employees and employers need to follow to manage expense reports effectively:

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How Employers Can Add Employees and Activate Their Expense Report Modules

1. Access the 'Settings' menu and click on it. This will take you to a page on the left side where you can find different menu items relevant to your business.


2. Select the 'Business Employees' menu and click 'Add'.


3. Enter the name and email address of the employee to whom you want to send the invitation to add them to the business. Then, click on the 'Next' button to proceed.


4. To assign the business role as an employee, choose 'Employee' from the drop-down list and click the 'Save' button.


5. Once you have added a new employee, they will receive an email invitation, and you will receive a success message confirming that the invitation has been sent successfully.


6. Once an employee receives the invitation email, they will be presented with a message similar to the one shown below. They only need to click the 'Approve' button to accept the invitation.

7. To give new employees access to the Expense Report menu, employers can easily grant permission by selecting 'Participant' from the drop-down list next to 'Expense Report' on the settings page. This allows employees to manage and submit their expense reports quickly.

8. Employees can now sign in to their account and navigate the 'Expense Management' menu. By selecting this menu, employees can easily access the 'Expense Reports' menu to manage and submit their expense reports efficiently.

 Reimbursement of Expense Reports by Employers 

1. After an employee submits an expense report, employers will automatically see the expense report in their Accounts Payable Module. In this module, employers must verify and approve the report for payment if all the details are correct. So that you know, the current status of the expense report is 'In Verification' immediately after the employee submits it.


2. A standardized expense report will be automatically generated and attached to the employee's submitted receipt.


3. Employers can verify the expense report by clicking on the amount figure and selecting the option to 'Verify Data'.

4. The employer can click the' Mark as Verified' button if all the details are accurate and the expense report is correctly categorized.

5. Once the employer verifies the expense report, employees will see the status of their report change from 'In Verification' to 'Ready to reimburse'.

6. After employers mark an expense report as verified in the Accounts Payable module, the status of the expense report will change to 'Verified: Date of Verification' in the Accounts Payable module. The Accounts Payable module header will also display the amount and number of expense reports in the Invoice Queue.

7. The employer can pay the employee using cash, a manual check, or the ACH system. After making the payment, the employer should mark the expense report as paid by clicking 'Mark as paid' and selecting the appropriate payment type in the accounts payable module of Docyt.

8. Once employers mark an expense report as paid in Docyt, the status of the report changes to 'Reimbursed' for employees. The expense report is also moved from the 'Submitted' tab to the 'Reimbursed' tab.

9. When employers mark an expense report as paid in Docyt, the report is moved to the 'Paid' tab in the accounts payable section, and its status is changed from 'Verified' to 'Paid'.


10. To access a comprehensive list of all expense reports submitted by employees, employers should navigate to the 'Expense Management' menu and select 'Expense Report'. Click the 'Employee Expenses' menu on the Expense Report page to view all employee expenses submitted or reimbursed. This feature allows employers to easily track and manage all expense reports in one centralized location.

Mobile App Usage: We highly recommend downloading and utilizing the Docyt mobile app for convenient receipt scanning and submission.