Month-End Book Closing Process

Essential Statements for Monthly Book Closing with Docyt

Required documents to ensure accurate financial records.

To maintain accurate financial records and ensure the balance in your QuickBooks aligns with your actual account balances, it's necessary to compile several key statements at the end of each month. Here are the statements you'll need:

  1. Bank and Credit Card Statements: These indicate all your transactions, ensuring no financial activity is overlooked or duplicated.

  2. Merchant Account Statements: For instance, Shift4 and American Express statements provide details about your business's payment processing activities.

  3. Payroll Reports: These should be collected from each payroll run to track employee compensations accurately.

  4. Inventory Statements: For example, Endicia statements for Metermail inventory or any documents tracking Stamps inventory balance. These statements help maintain an accurate record of your inventory.

  5. Miscellaneous Deposits and Withdrawals: This includes non-revenue check deposits (like investment deposits or insurance reimbursements such as UPS Store claim reimbursements), or non-expense check withdrawals (like owner's withdrawals).

You can add these documents in various ways: through the mobile app, by dragging and dropping from your computer into the Business Mailroom, or via email by sending documents as attachments to your unique Business Mailroom email address. With these documents and Docyt, you can simplify the process of closing your books each month.