July 2023

Enhanced Multi-Month Filter in Business Reports For Hospitality

July Product Update

We're excited to bring you a valuable update to our business reports. Many of our users have appreciated the ability to select and view columns of their choice in single-month reports. We're thrilled that this feature is now available for multi-month selections.

When selecting data across multiple months, you can now filter and view your columns based on the following:

  • Per Available Room (PAR)
  • Per Occupied Room (POR)
  • Budget

The "Last Year" option is unavailable for multi-month selections.

Upon selection, corresponding columns will be added for each month. For example, selecting 'Per Available Room' will add a 'PAR $' column for each month. Similarly, choosing 'Budget' will add each month's 'Budget $' and 'Budget Var' columns.

If you select all options, your columns for each month will be ordered as follows:

  • PTD $
  • PAR $
  • POR $
  • Budget $
  • Budget Var

This update impacts the following reports:

This expanded functionality will offer more flexibility and customization in your reporting, allowing for a tailored and efficient data analysis process. As always, we're here to help with any questions or assistance. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Enjoy the new feature!