Split Expenses

Creating Split Templates in Docyt

Save and reuse split settings for efficient expense management.



  1. When splitting categories on an expense transaction, you can save your split settings as a template for future use.
  2. Split templates are handy when utilizing the "Split Receipt Across Businesses" function.
  3. After creating the split, access the dropdown menu.
  4. Select "Save Split Template" from the options.
  5. Add a name for the template and save it.
  6. The new template will store the split amounts as percentages, automatically applying them to future items that use this template.
  7. You can access the template from the same dropdown menu whenever needed.
  8. Split templates are available across all modules where splits can be applied, including Accounts Payable, Receipt Box, and Reconciliation Center.
  9. To delete a split template, hover over the template name in the dropdown and click the trashcan icon.

Following these steps, you can create and manage split templates in Docyt, enabling efficient and consistent expense management across various modules.

Just so you know, the steps provided are general guidelines, and the interface and functionality may vary depending on the specific version of Docyt you are using.