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UPS® Store Manager's Report (Center Operator's Report)

Amplifying UPS® Store Business Operations

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Accessing the Report

  1. Log in to your Docyt account.
  2. From the top navigation menu, select 'Business Reports' from the drop-down menu. In the subsequent menu, choose 'Management Reports'.
  3. On the Management Reports page, locate and click on the 'Center Operator's Report' (also known as 'Store Manager's Report') option to access the report.
  4. You can customize the report parameters by selecting the desired period.
  5. Generate the report and review the detailed results to gain valuable insights into revenue performance and financial accuracy.

Limited Access: This report is exclusively available for select Docyt Plans. If you don't have access, please contact for help.

To export your report to Excel or PDF format

  • Generate and review the desired report in Docyt.
  • To export your report to Excel or PDF format, go to the top right corner of the report page and find the three-dots menu icon (...). Click on the three dots to reveal the menu options, and from there, select 'Export as Excel' or 'Export as PDF'.
  • A notification will appear, indicating that the report can be downloaded from the 'Data Export' section of Docyt.
  • To download the report, navigate to the 'Data Export' section by clicking the 'Data Export' link in the notification. Click the ellipsis menu on the 'Data Export' page and select the 'Download' option.

Components & Sections of the Report

The Center Operator's Report is structured into various sections, each offering specific insights into your business performance. Here's what to expect:

Income and Gross Profit

This section contains a detailed breakdown of your business's income and gross profit. It provides insights into revenue streams like Mailbox Service, Copies, Color Copies, and Laminating/Binding. Here, you can also examine the performance of ancillary services like Facsimiles, Stamp Sales, Metered Mail, and Shipping Charges (UPS).

The report highlights areas such as No Limit Freight, Retail Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, and Packaging Service Fees. It includes Office Supplies, Rubber Stamps, Greeting Cards, and Printing. This level of detail enables you to scrutinize the profitability of each segment of your business and strategize accordingly.

The report also evaluates services that may generate little income but still contribute to overall profitability, such as computer timeshare, notary, passport photos, public service payments, and miscellaneous—taxable items.

Finally, you'll find a summary of Total Income and Gross Profit, presenting a snapshot of your financial performance.

Advantages of the Report

By leveraging the Center Operator's Report in Docyt, UPS store owners stand to gain a wealth of benefits:

Informed Decision Making: With access to accurate and comprehensive financial information, you'll have the insights to make decisions that drive growth and enhance profitability.

Business Optimization: The report highlights areas of strength and potential improvement, empowering you to strategize effectively, maximize profits, and increase operational efficiency.

Financial Control: By keeping a pulse on income, expenses, and gross profit, you can maintain a firm hold on your business's financial health, facilitating long-term success.

The Center Operator's Report is not merely a data resource but a tool to propel your business toward its strategic goals and objectives. Harness its power to unlock your UPS Store's full potential.

Sample Report

Troubleshooting Inaccurate Data

For inaccurate data:

  • Consult with your Docyt Account Manager for guidance and resolution.
  • For general support questions, please email Docyt support at for help in troubleshooting and resolving discrepancies.

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