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ACH Payment Cancellations in Docyt

A. Introduction:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments provide a convenient and efficient way to transfer funds electronically. However, there may be instances where you need to cancel an ACH payment after it has been initiated. Docyt has specific guidelines and timelines for ACH payment cancellations that users should know.

B. Understanding the Timelines:

To successfully cancel an ACH transfer on Docyt, users must adhere to specific timelines based on when the transfer was initiated:

  1. Same Business Day Transfers:

    • If the ACH transfer was initiated before 4 PM CST, you have until 4 PM CST on the same business day to cancel the payment.
  2. After 4 PM CST or Non-Business Day Transfers:

    • For transfers initiated after 4 PM CST or on a non-business day, users have until 4 PM CST on the following business day to cancel the payment.

C. Cancellation Methods:

During the stipulated cancellation periods, Docyt offers two convenient methods for canceling ACH payments:

  1. Cancel the ACH Payment Option in the ACH Transactions Table:

    • Users can initiate the cancellation process by navigating to the 'ACH Transactions' table and selecting the 'Cancel ACH Payment' option.
  2. Cancel ACH Payment in the Paid Tab within the Invoice Queue:

    • Alternatively, users can access the 'Paid' tab within the Invoice queue and choose the 'Cancel ACH Payment' option to halt the transfer.

Important Note:

It is crucial to be mindful of the cancellation window. If an attempt is made to cancel a payment after the specified timeframe has lapsed, Docyt will display an error message indicating that cancellation is no longer possible.

Contacting Support:

If you have any additional or specific questions about the cancellation of ACH payments, users are encouraged to contact Docyt's support team at The dedicated support team is available to assist users with their inquiries and provide guidance on navigating the platform's features effectively.