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How to Attach a Document Directly to a Transaction in Docyt

Attaching invoices and receipts to your transactions is easy with Docyt

  1. To access the Reconciliation Center and view all transactions, navigate to the 'Banking & Reconciliation' section. Select 'Reconciliation Center' and 'All Transactions' from there. 
  2. To find the transaction to which you want to add the document in 'All Transactions', you can just search for it. Then, click the ellipsis menu and select 'View Transaction Detail'. This will open up the transaction data for you to review.
  3. To add a document to the transaction, go to the 'DATA' section on the right side of the transaction screen and click the 'Add Document' link.
    add document
  4. To add your document to the transaction, you can either drag and drop it onto the screen below or click on 'Select from your computer' to browse and choose your document.
    select or drag and drop screen
  5. Click the 'Upload Document' button.