Vendor Credits

How Can I Apply Vendor Credits to an Invoice in Docyt?



It is crucial to send all vendor credits to the invoice queue to ensure accurate tracking and application to future invoices.

However, sending them to the queue is unnecessary if the vendor credits are for utility bills such as PG&E or water services. These service providers already include any credits and outstanding amounts in the upcoming bills they send.

How to Apply Credits to Invoices

For all other vendors, follow these steps to apply credits to future bills:

  1. Log into Docyt:
    1. Access Docyt through the web app by logging into
  2. Click on 'Expense Management' in the top header menu. From the dropdown, opt for 'Accounts Payable'. Then tap 'Invoice Queue' to view all your invoices and vendor credits.
  3. Identify the invoice, ensuring it is in the "Needs Approval" or "Ready to Pay" status.
    vendor credit 1
  4. Click on the amount displayed on the right side of the invoice you want to work with.  On the dropdown menu to the right of the transaction, click "Mark as Paid." Then, pick "Vendor Credit" from the list.
     Vendor credit 2
  5. Select one or more invoices and vendor credits. The Payment amount should equate to $0. Press "Continue".
    match vendor credit to the bill

  6. Input Estimated Payment Date: Provide the anticipated payment date for tracking purposes. Click 'Mark as Paid'.
    Estimated Date

  7. The invoice and credit will now appear in the 'Paid' tab of the Invoice Queue. 

    vendor credit paid