July 2023

Advanced Reports Revamp on iOS

Docyt Product Update July 2023

Our iOS users will now have a smoother, more user-friendly experience while using our advanced reports feature. With our latest update, advanced reports on mobile will automatically display all the columns that exist on the web, hence enhancing your user experience and reducing the need for separate actions to enable new reports on mobile.

Navigating Advanced Reports

When you access an advanced report on your mobile device, it will now be displayed on a horizontal screen for better visibility and readability. Please note that the orientation is locked to landscape mode to optimize the viewing of these comprehensive reports.

  1. To view an advanced report, go to your list of advanced reports and tap on the one you wish to view.
  2. The report will open in horizontal mode, with a font size designed for readability. Refer to the designs on Figma for precise font and column sizes.
  3. Scroll horizontally to view the entire report.
  4. If you wish to go back to your list of reports, simply press the back button. The list of advanced reports will be displayed as it was before you accessed the individual report.

Displaying Advanced Reports

The revamped advanced report display includes several crucial elements for a more organized view.

  • Header: Business Name, Report Type (Not the report name), and Last reconciled date (top right).
  • Second row: Time-Frequency Selector (top left), Time Range (center), and Filter icon (top right).

Tapping on the filter icon, which is located at the top right of your screen, opens a bottom slider.

In terms of line items:

  • The leftmost side of the report shows line items, which can be expanded and collapsed the same way as the web version.
  • Line items are collapsed by default.
  • The total for a group of line items is shown when it's in a collapsed state.
  • If the text is too long, it will be truncated.
  • Scroll horizontally to view columns that could not be displayed initially.
  • Numbers are not clickable, although they will be in the future for a drill-down view.

For truncation purposes, the row sizes have been designed to fit two lines for a line item. If line items are longer than two lines, they will be truncated and ended with an ellipsis ("...").

Error Message

If you attempt to access a report on the mobile app that was created on the web but do not have permission to view it, an error message will be displayed.

The error message reads: "User does not have read permission to this report." You can simply click 'Dismiss' to close the error pop-up and stay on the current screen.

This enhancement brings us one step closer to providing a seamless mobile and web experience for our users. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team.