Continuous Bank Reconciliation

Creating Journal Entries Directly in the Reconciliation Center in Docyt

Switching to the correct business and creating a journal entry in QBO is time-consuming. Docyt's new feature simplifies this by allowing users to add journal entries directly within the platform for "Do not push to ledger" / "excluded" transactions, saving time and reducing errors significantly.

Follow the steps to add Journal Entries directly into Docyt:

  1. Navigate to the Banking and Reconciliation module, then choose "Reconciliation Center."

  2. Under the Reconciliation Center, navigate to "Journal Entries" and click on "Add" to create a new Journal Entry.0f34eab6-47e0-4011-9393-41a41bf225c9

  3. Fill in all the required details and click “Add“ to save the information:

    • Chart of Account

    • Description

    • Vendor/Customer

    • Department

    • Debits

    • Credits

  4. The new journal entry will appear on the Journal Entry page. To view its details, click on the entry. If you need to make changes, click "Edit."1fcf5234-ed4c-4a71-a193-26017b6b0b72

  5. Edit the journal entry and click "Save."60942aaa-d3c0-49d5-8e90-e7f133f4830f