Docyt ACH

ACH Payment Processing Timelines

Understanding the expected delivery times for your ACH payments within Docyt.

Docyt offers two different options for processing ACH, Standard ACH and Next Day ACH.

When processing payments with Docyt ACH, it is important to keep these processing timelines and costs in mind.

It is crucial to remember that all ACH transactions must be generated before 4 PM CST. If ACH Payments are not processed by this time they will not be initiated until the next business day.

Once the ACH has been initiated, that is when the ACH timelines start.

In addition, processing payments near the weekends will affect timelines as these days are not included in the estimated timeline. These ACH transactions are only progressing on business days.

Standard ACH:

Price: $0.50 per ACH Transaction

Timeline: 4-6 Business Days

Let’s illustrate the timelines of the ACH transfers depending on when they are initiated:

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.37.30 PM

When initiating on a Friday, it is important to remember that the payments do not move on the weekends, they are only moved during business days.

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.37.38 PM


Next Day ACH:

Price: $2.50 per ACH Transaction

Timeline: 1 - 2 Business Days

Here is an illustration of the timelines of Next Day ACH transfers:

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.37.45 PM

When initiated on a Friday after 4 PM CST, they will not be initiated until the following Monday, so the transfer would be delivered the following Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 4.37.54 PM